Atvexa has signed contracts for the development of three new preschools in Germany with a total capacity of 200 preschool pupils. The projects are managed in close partnership with real estate developers, city councils and regional governments in Hamburg and Bavaria and are planned to be completed by 2023-24. ”Germany is an important market for us and we receive positive response when meeting developers and politicians in our key regions. These three new contracts are our first projects since acquiring ULNA Germany in 2019 and are exciting milestones for us”, says Johan Kyllerman, Group CEO of Atvexa AB (publ).

Germany needs half a million new preschool places by 2030 to meet the current demand. The places are needed across the country and the Scandinavian model, with focus on pedagogy and learning for smaller children has generated great interest among decision-makers in cities and regions. Atvexa has decided to focus on three regions – Hamburg, Bayern and Baden Württemberg – where the conditions to become successful are favorable.

”We are glad that our model with a strong local presence, decentralised leadership and focus on creating the best conditions for children to grow seems to work also in Germany. Our German team is doing a remarkable job and we are looking forward to the opening of the new units”, says Johan Kyllerman.